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 I noticed no ones posted here yet, so I thought I would do so. Sorry its not happymydiabetesisamazing

I've just got back from my six monthly appointment at the hospital where I have basically just been called a bad diabetic. Great. And apparently I need to get myself sorted out quick sharp, and as soon as I get into my new place whereever that is, get on a course to learn more about my diabetes. I now feel like a total and utter idiot and why? All because I told the doctor that my sugars have been very up and down recently and that everything seems to have gone to pot since uni. I mean, I didn't go and get my bloods done because I'm terrified of the needle, so they don't know my overall control. I tried to explain the situation and he just wasn't listening and basically told me that I didn't have any problems YET because I'm young but if I don't start sorting myself out then I will get problems.

Yes, I know this. And I am trying to get myself sorted out.

But in the same way, being told that and given such a kick up the backside makes me wanna give them the middle finger. I'm getting increasingly fed up of this diabetes lark, I don't want it anymore. 13 years, and this is my first 'rebellion' as such, and I know its bad and believe me I'm trying to get it sorted but its HARD. 

I have a log book now, which I am starting today so here's hoping that kicks me into shape a bit. I might phone the diabetes nurse later on and see if I can go down and have a chat with her, because right now I really REALLY need someone to talk to about it, because I really am about to burst into tears. I don't know whether I should or not, or whether to phone the University Nurse and have a chat. I just don't know. I just need someone to talk to y'know. I'm kind of all over the place and have no idea what to do, whether to wait until I move to my new place and talk with someone there or to talk to someone right now who's not gunna see me again. 

Does anyone have any advice? Any good websites I could use to help me out with issues such as maybe starting myself off on card counting or a decent way to eat? I'd really appreciate it, and thank you all for understanding



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